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If you're in need of an experienced jeweller you can rely on to carry out repairs for your business, then Jacksons Jewellery Ltd could be the answer you've been looking for.

There are a number of factors that set us apart from other jewellers, the most important of which is that we are able to offer you a fast turn around without compromising on our high standards. In 99% of cases we can have your repairs completed and dispatched within 2 working days, where specified parcels can be delivered by return. Please be aware that specialist repairs may take longer.

You can also be assured that we only deliver using Royal Mail Special Delivery service due to the fact that all parcels are guaranteed for next day delivery and are insured by Royal Mail which we have relied on for the past 30+ years that we have been trading for. In addition to the protection of Royal Mail, we also have our own private insurance on all deliveries.

Every morning we hand collect from the sorting office to ensure that your parcel is in our work shop first thing, giving us the time we need to carefully assess each item and carry out the work needed.

All general repairs and refinishing (clean & polish, rhodium plate) concerning gold, silver and platinum are done on site by our experienced jewellers. This is how we are able to keep our prices competitive, your jewellery safe and our turn around so quick.

At Jacksons Jewellery Ltd we are aware of the importance of speaking to a member of staff who is as knowledgeable and passionate about all aspects of jewellery repairs and maintenance as you yourself are. This is why our family run business with staff covering 3 generations of working within the jewellery trade are a jewellers you can trust. 

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