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Terms and Conditions

1.0 Privacy Policy

1.1 We may collect certain information about you. 1.2 Your name and contact number are required if you leave any repairs with Jacksons Jewellery Ltd. 1.3 Your name, job title and email address may be required when filing out forms on our website. 1.4 Details on transactions made with Jacksons Jewellery Ltd will be recorded. Such as payment method, items purchased, date of purchase, item cost, and where applicable name and delivery address. 1.5 Our website will take certain information about you where available including your IP address, operating system, browser type, location and pages visited. This information is used for statistical purposes that enable us to estimate audience size and patterns. 1.6 We will not disclose your information to any third parties.

2.0 Repairs Policy

2.1 All repairs are covered under our 12 month guarantee. 2.2 A deposit may be required before the repair can take place. 2.3 Repairs that Jacksons Jewellery Ltd have not received full payment for will remain in our custody until the outstanding balance is paid. 2.4 Repaired items that have been left uncollected will be disposed of by Jacksons Jewellery Ltd as they see fit after 2 years if numerous amounts of contact have been attempted with no result. 2.5 All repairs left in our care are covered by our insurance and are kept in safes over night in our alarmed shop. 2.6 A deposit will need to be made for bespoke designs or items which require extensive repairs. This amount is non refundable due to the costs it will have incurred for Jacksons Jewellery Ltd on materials needed.

3.0 Warranty Policy

3.1 Without proof of repair your warranty will be invalid and you may be recharged for any repairs to be carried out. 3.2 Warranty on all repairs is limited to 12 months. 3.3 Warranty does not cover; rhodium plating, laser hallmarks, tile set rings, the movement and glass in watches, the waterproof seal on watches when replacing the battery or accidental damage and abuse. 3.4 In the case where a repair has been covered by warranty and corrected, the warranty period does not refresh from the correction date.

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