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Professional Jewellery Cleaning On - Site 

Jacksons Jewellery Repairs has an on site polishing shop in which we are able to deep clean your favourite pieces using various polishing mops and an ultrasonic cleaner whilst you wait!

The polishing shop is also where we buff out surface scratches, polish and ‘plate’ the jewellery to give it that perfect finish.

Fancy an inexpensive change to breathe new life in to your existing jewellery?

How about making your favourite earrings look white gold or do you prefer the rose gold look?

You can put whatever colour coating on whatever colour gold to create the finish that you want!

Don't worry about it being 'stuck' that way; plating wears off of jewellery over time and can even be removed via polishing if necessary.

We include a full clean and polish (and plating where required) in all of our repair costs.

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